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Skincare antiaging peels and pigment correction @ SMILEMAKERNYC LLC

Pigment correction for melesma,sun and age spots combined with antiaging peels for fine lines and wrinkles @ SMILEMAKERNYC LLC
New York City - Namgyal Dorjee whatsapp 917-698-0069
India:  Bona Lotha   whatsapp 9867-509-534

Triple KIT: face cleanser + LA_SA mild acid peel + pigment lite ultra
cost: USA $ 50  India Rs 1600/-

Chi 7 Pigment Lite Hollywood Labs, USA $ 30  India: Rs 2000

 Lumina Trio KIT USA :  pH cleanser + Lumina gel 30% lactic acid+ chi 7 pigment lite
cost: US $ 95   India: Rs 5600 (depends on availability)

Cleanser + Lumina 30% peel+ chi 7 pigment lite + gold gel antiaging
source: US FDA labs Hollywood/ Texas
Cost : USA $ 150  India: Rs 8700 ( if available)

Gold 24 K antiaging gel, Hollywood Labs
USA: $ 55  India : Rs 3000

Face cleanser: each USA $ 15  India: Rs 1000

Lumina peel 30% gel FDA labs ,Texas
USA: $ 50  India Rs 2700

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Aesthetic Vocational Trainings

Announcement: smilemakernyc llc
Please note that this 3 lesson course will end in June 2018 .The period for accepting new candidates is over. All other candidates will be taken in other batches, after this course is over.
The first course has 9 students and is  for FREE. This was a ONE TIME FREE OFFER. All the other batches will pay a nominal fee to register at google classroom. 
Cost of course: (duration of course is ten days). India- Rs 2000/- USA: $ 50
There are three topics followed by tests:
1. Skin Conditioning 2. Safe acid peels

Comparison between our skin pigment light products
Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction
Designed by Dr Bona Lotha 
Contact: Namgyal Dorjee, New York City 917-698-0069
Most of my work in smilemakernyc is focused on pigment correction and facial rejuvenation.
Pigment correction is commonly used for:
a. melesma-common in Type 3/4 FP types and also known as the Asian nightmare due to excessive melanin production following sun exposure,acne, trauma, procedures or infection.
b.sun spots
c. age related pigmentation

Here is a comparison between the pigment correctors in smilemakernyc

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Comparison between our skin pigment light products
Chi 7 Lumina Gel 30% peel Pigment Lite Ultra Kit Remarks Rosa West Hollywood, CA
Raphe Healthcare, Texas
smilemakernyc HandcraftedBotanicals (3 in 1 kit with cleanser and lite peel)
Pigment Lite
Very safe for skin Cost: $ 30 $ 50 $ 50

Handcrafted aesthetic: This season's Pigment Lite Ultra
Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction
Designed by Dr Bona Lotha 
Contact: Namgyal Dorjee New York City 917-698-0069
Handcrafted aesthetic: This season Pigment Lite Ultra is a strong lightener which contains fission white in hydrolysed oats( alpha arbutin 0.5%) , kojic acid(0.5 -1%), and licorice(0.5-1%) in moisturiser base with allantoin(0.5%),almond,borage,olive, fruit extract and willow bark extract.(0.5%) There are no side effects like irritation,redness,xerosis, and scaling which one finds with traxenamic acid and hydroquinone (irritation and ochronosis in darker skin).  I keep the the kojic acid percetage  below 2% (0.5-1) because kojic can cause irritation at concentrations above 2%. The willow bark and fruit extract are anti inflammatory and allantoin keeps the skin well hydrated ;the oils soften the skin. There are no surfactants or other chemicals which irritate the skin. However as melanin production lessens,your skin becomes sensitive to UV ra…



Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction

Designed by Dr Bona Lotha 

Contact: Namgyal Dorjee New York City 917-698-0069

Welcome to my site! I am a US Board Certified(Miami) Aesthetic Medicine specialist trained under leading US Aesthetic Med experts from Beverly Hills CA and Ranchos Palos Verdes CA, and former aesthetic plastic surgery founder/consultant. for Yemen Smile Int Plastic and New York City Smile Train USA  I was the International Trainer pro bono for Yemen Smile and Smile Train New York City programmes for several years;many trainees have helped hundreds of underprivileged cleft patients since. My aesthetic med and plastic surgery/cleft blog teaching posts which has over 1.5 million views since 2012, are mostly private access only.   I also run some aesthetic medicine spa plastic courses through my google classroom.
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Pigment correction for melesma,sun and age sp…