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Handcrafted aesthetic: This season's Pigment Lite Ultra
Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction
Designed by Dr Bona Lotha 
Contact: Namgyal Dorjee New York City 917-698-0069
Handcrafted aesthetic: This season Pigment Lite Ultra is a strong lightener which contains fission white in hydrolysed oats( alpha arbutin 0.5%) , kojic acid(0.5 -1%), and licorice(0.5-1%) in moisturiser base with allantoin(0.5%),almond,borage,olive, fruit extract and willow bark extract.(0.5%) There are no side effects like irritation,redness,xerosis, and scaling which one finds with traxenamic acid and hydroquinone (irritation and ochronosis in darker skin).  I keep the the kojic acid percetage  below 2% (0.5-1) because kojic can cause irritation at concentrations above 2%. The willow bark and fruit extract are anti inflammatory and allantoin keeps the skin well hydrated ;the oils soften the skin. There are no surfactants or other chemicals which irritate the skin. However as melanin production lessens,your skin becomes sensitive to UV ra…