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Aesthetic Vocational Trainings

Announcement: smilemakernyc llc
Please note that this 3 lesson course will end in June 2018 .The period for accepting new candidates is over. All other candidates will be taken in other batches, after this course is over.
The first course has 9 students and is  for FREE. This was a ONE TIME FREE OFFER. All the other batches will pay a nominal fee to register at google classroom. 
Cost of course: (duration of course is ten days). India- Rs 2000/- USA: $ 50
There are three topics followed by tests:
1. Skin Conditioning 2. Safe acid peels

Comparison between our skin pigment light products
Company: Aesthetic Antiaging and Pigment correction
Designed by Dr Bona Lotha 
Contact: Namgyal Dorjee, New York City 917-698-0069
Most of my work in smilemakernyc is focused on pigment correction and facial rejuvenation.
Pigment correction is commonly used for:
a. melesma-common in Type 3/4 FP types and also known as the Asian nightmare due to excessive melanin production following sun exposure,acne, trauma, procedures or infection.
b.sun spots
c. age related pigmentation

Here is a comparison between the pigment correctors in smilemakernyc

* Google Classroom: Aesthetic Medicine Plast    mail:

Comparison between our skin pigment light products
Chi 7 Lumina Gel 30% peel Pigment Lite Ultra Kit Remarks Rosa West Hollywood, CA
Raphe Healthcare, Texas
smilemakernyc HandcraftedBotanicals (3 in 1 kit with cleanser and lite peel)
Pigment Lite
Very safe for skin Cost: $ 30 $ 50 $ 50